• Basic guitar chords for beginners - Before you start learning to play the guitar, it's important for all of you to know the basic keys to playing guitar. Usually the guitar has about 6 strings, starting from the strings at the bottom to the very top itself.


    There are also two types of guitars that can be said to be used most often by many people, namely electric and acoustic guitars. Although the two types of guitar have almost similar tones, there are differences between these two types of guitar, one of which is in the tuning section.


    Below is a guitar beam that can produce super cool tones.


    String 1 produces an E ’

    String 2 produces tone B

    String 3 produces a G

    String 3 produces a G

    String 4 produces tone D

    String 5 produces tone A

    String 6 produces the E note


    Next, before we discuss how to learn to play the guitar, it helps you know in advance the basics of playing guitar. This will make it easier for you to play guitar properly and correctly.


    Just for information, that learning to play this guitar certainly cannot be instantaneous, requiring a very long process. Because here you still have to recognize the basics in playing guitar, especially for you beginners. The following is a full review.


    Get to know the guitar parts

    Both types of electric and acoustic guitars, basically everything is made of wood and metal. In addition, the strings themselves are given a metal coating, which later will produce cool vibrations to then produce the desired tones.


    Meanwhile for the wood body part itself will produce sound resonance, so that it can produce distinctive tones of the guitar. As for the parts of the guitar that you should know, including the guitar neck that is usually in the form of elongated wood and strings on the guitar.


    It is also very important for you to know that especially for this type of acoustic guitar it usually has a part of the earpiece in its body. Then on the type of electric guitar there are three magical pickup elements. This will convey the sound to the amplifier.


    Make sure you are holding the guitar correctly

    Although it takes a short process, how to learn to play the guitar is quite easy. Once you know the parts of the guitar, the next step is to make sure you also know how to hold the guitar properly.


    If not, you can use your left hand to press the guitar strings around the guitar neck, then use your right hand to rub or pluck the strings in front of the earpiece.


    To play the guitar, first make sure the guitar held is in a horizontal position. Please hold the back of the guitar so that the guitar can touch your stomach and chest. Also make sure the position of the guitar rests on your feet. Put the digitar on your thighs, then make sure the guitar is in your lap.


    Use your left hand to hold the guitar neck and stabilize the sound. For his own thumb fingers can be used to hold the guitar in the neck, while the four fingers are on the flat part of the guitar.


    Please try the guitar stem

    Yes, to produce good sound and not discordant, then you must be able to adjust the guitar strings, so that the sound produced can be heard right. In this case you can learn and memorize the names of each string, starting from the strings at the bottom to the top, in the following order, namely E ', B, G, D, A, and E. Tuning the guitar this can also be done using special tools.


    Try learning to press fret on the guitar strings

    You need to know in advance that, this fret is a line - bounded by metal, and is perpendicular to the neck of the guitar to separate the notes. Please try to press the strings using your fingertips, then make sure you also press the strings according to the right key.


    Don't forget to use the pick to sound the guitar

    Pick or also called the spectrum is one type of small sized object and is made of plastic material. Usually the pick is used to sound the guitar. Well, you can really try using this pick so that the sound you get can sound cooler and your hands won't hurt either.

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